Quality Counts!
Free essential oil events are being held twice monthly through December at
Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center 501 Elizabeth St SE Albuquerque, NM 87123
6:30 PM the second and fourth Wednesday of each month
Please call me (505) 293-3636.


I appreciate and use essential oils every single day. Most people want PURE products - me too! The immunity blend goes on my hands and feet and also in my water. I use Quality Lavender Essential Oil to soothe a burn, and I put it on my earlobes to help get to sleep more easily. The value of using essential oils are immense and I'm happy to share.

A digestive blend DIGESTZEN is great to help soothe a crummy tummy!

There's an old saying that sharing is caring...I love using essential oils every single day…several times a day. These “treasures from the earth” are definitely worth sharing and I love teaching people how they can benefit from using quality essential oils. Most people find this business opportunity an excellent fit. Use, learn, and share. Your family will appreciate learning how they can also take control of their health.

If you know of anyone wanting to learn more about essential oils, please send them my way.